Reality can manifest in any form defined by consciousness

“There is an infinite version of myself already existing; I need to choose which one I want to connect with. To do this, I need to put my intentions into knowing that this version is good or bad. So I have the option of which one will manifest in my lifeline/destiny.”

To understand and become a better version of myself, I had to learn the meaning of SELF and who I am, what I am. It’s not an easy path to follow, but every second of the process is worth it because now I can finally see life from a great perspective. Now I feel alive, awake and connected with this unique experience we call life. 

My goal here is to encourage you to stop looking for reasons or answers outside and start to look inside, deeper and deeper inside-out. Once you become gentle and friendly with yourself, you will understand what I am talking about. I can guarantee that it will be painful at the beginning, you will need to be solid and open-minded, but you will realise that was the best thing ever. 

I like to say that I started this process a long time ago, back when I was a kid, but I didn’t know it at that time. But since I was very young, I felt that life was a mystery and I couldn’t understand what I am doing here, or what was the purpose of living and I started to ask myself this weird question like “who am I?” “what is the universe?” And “what is the meaning of life”. And that is how I had my first contact with philosophy and science. I fell in love because it was helping me to think and find my answers. 

The first thing I’ve learned is that we are ENERGY, and one fascinating fact about energy is that it can not be destroyed or created; it can only be transformed. Now, if we are energy, we can change, which is excellent news. The physicists point out that everything is made out of energy; even our thoughts, words, and intentions generate energy (Liu, 2018).

A Japanese scientist, Dr Masaru Emoto, wrote and published in 2004 one study about water, which showed us that the vibration of our words and thoughts could affect the water molecules in different ways. He took water samples and asked volunteers to be in one room, looking at the water and saying bad words such as idiot, envy, sad, ugly, and unworthy. In other rooms, other volunteers with another sample of water saying good words like: thank you, you are good, happy, I love you. And then he froze this water to take a photo of their crystals, and the result is beautifully scary. The sample exposed to good words made unique and perfect crystals while the other was destroyed (Emoto & Thayne, 2004).

My point here is to show you that our body is made with 70% to 75% water. Can you imagine what happens to us when we are exposed to this exact situation as the water samples? Well, this study made me think and rethink a lot. 

Our society (generalising) does not teach us to believe in ourselves or encourage us to be gentle and share the love with others as much as they teach us that: “life is difficult and to survive you need to be the best”, which is equal to competition and exclusion. Considering this, I believe that we learn involuntarily to put pressure on ourselves and accept the idea of who we are through other’s opinions and views.

We translate and define our being according to how people see us, what they tell us. So if for any unfortunate reason you grow up listening that you are lazy and dump, you will become the reflection of what you hear and taking these adjectives as your truth. 

Neurologists showed us that our mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real – happening right now, and what is “unreal” (Reddan et al., 2018). An excellent example of that is our dreams; who never had one scary dream and woke up with the heart beating like crazy and breathing desperately? The reason is that for your mind, your dream was happening, and your body starts to release chemicals related to what is happing in your environment, in this case, the fear. While you were dreaming, your brain got the danger alert and started to send orders to help your body go through that situation. It calls the sympathetic nerves system. And this is what our brain was programmed for; protect us at all costs.

In conclusion, yes, everything that you think, your brain and mind believe is true. So if you think of yourself as dumb, lazy, unhappy and weak, that’s what you will be because that is is what you believe to be accurate and will be your reality.

Remember that reality can manifest in any form defined by consciousness. We must change our way of thinking to grow and attract what we want. 

Yasminne Mendonça

For further information: 

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